Elder Futhark Runes Set
Elder Futhark Runes Set
Elder Futhark Runes Set

Elder Futhark Runes Set

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The magical meaning of the pine

Pine is described in medieval Irish manuscripts as one of the seven Nobles of the Forest. Protection and purification, healing, rebirth and immortality, showing the way, fertility, endurance, optimism and inner strength.
Associated with the ancient holiday of the winter solstice - the holiday of the birth of the Sun - Yule (December 21-22).

This box is made by conventional laser cutting on an industrial machine. But the runes  are crafted entirely by hand. No laser cutting or machinery!

Artist Julia's process

I manually cut the runes with my small saw, then grind them with sandpaper to make them even and smooth, then I draw a drawing with a pencil and burn them by hand. During all this, I listen to ancient Scandinavian and Germanic music, which gives me a special meaning to my work. I can not be distracted by extraneous threads.

I believe that objects for divination should be made with a certain mood and I try to embody this in each of my sets, which is why I do not make runes on a laser machine, but only by hand.

During the making of each rune, I connect with its meaning and try to put all the wisdom of the ages into this sacred symbol. This same method is used to craft amulets, so you can use these runes as magic items, pocket stones, or support for your altar.

This is a set of runes and a carved box without any coating, you can communicate with the texture of the tree directly. The set is light enough and you can take it on your journey to charge it with the energies of your wanderings.

Also, if you want to bring more of your magic to this set of runes, then you can colorize it. The fine texture of the wood allows it too. However, many people like to communicate with runes directly without coverage, so this is of course your personal choice, as you like.

Description of the meaning of runes and types of divination is included in the rune set.

Rune set Guide: 5 kinds of divination, and a detailed description of the runes on 4 pages format A4

Runes size 20 х 30 millimeters
Box size 100 x 80 x 40 millimeters (4 x 3.1 x 1.6 inches)